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Searching for a Job

How do I view all open jobs?

On the website, you have the ability to filter open jobs by Keyword, Category, or Location. You may also engage with Clara, our A.I. Recruiting Assistant that lives on our website.

How can I be notified when new jobs meet my job search criteria?

By joining our Talent Network at You will be able to select the type of job, location, and the frequency with which you’d like to receive updates.

Where is your company located?

Aveanna Healthcare cares for patients and families in over 30 states through our rapidly growing network of more than 300 branch offices, offering a variety of care and services to more than 40,000 children and adults. You can view all our physical locations here and can find more information about specific openings by speaking with your local branch office or recruiter or by engaging with Clara, our A.I. Recruiting Assistant.

If I do not see a job opening in my city, do I just apply to the closest available job?

You certainly can! You can also always reach out to your local branch office or recruiter or engage with Clara, our A.I. Recruiting Assistant.

How do I know which patient I will be assigned to and which home I will be working in?

Our patient/family matching process is dynamic. We take a variety of factors into consideration that are relevant to both our families and our caregivers. Our Case-Specific Orientations and caseload assignment will happen after initial onboarding and training.

Application Process

How do I get assistance with the application process?

If you are having issues with an application, please reach out to your recruiter or local branch office.

Can I apply to multiple positions with one application?

When you submit an application, it’s tied to a specific job at a specific location. A representative of Aveanna will contact you to discuss the next steps, including your interest in other positions. We have a team dedicated to guiding you through the process!

Do I have to upload my resume to complete an application?

It’s not a requirement but it’s highly recommended!

Can I use Social Media or a cloud-storage service to upload my resume?

Yes, absolutely! You can apply with your LinkedIn profile or by uploading a resume.

Do I have to fill out every field on the application?

Only the highlighted fields in the application are required for submission.

I did not receive an email confirming that my application was submitted. How long does it take to receive this email?

You should receive a confirmation email from Aveanna within a few minutes of applying. You may also receive a text message or email from Clara, our A.I. Recruiting Assistant.

How do I edit my application/resume?

Please contact your recruiter or local branch office if you need to make changes to an application after submission.

What happens to my application after it is submitted?

If your qualifications meet the basic requirements for the position, please be ready for additional communication from an Aveanna team member. We engage with our applicants via phone, text, and email, so please ensure that the contact information you submit with your application is correct.

How can I check the status of my application?

You can reach out to your recruiter or local branch office or engage with Clara, our A.I. Recruiting Assistant.

Interview, Onboarding, and Hiring Process

I received a text message from Clara to schedule a phone interview. Is this legitimate?

Absolutely! Clara is our A.I. Recruiting Assistant and will attempt to connect you with a recruiter.

Do you allow phone and/or virtual interviews, or just in-person?

This depends on the position and location. You can always ask your recruiter or local branch office. Should you need any accommodations, please let us know.

Who do I notify to reschedule my interview?

You can reach out to your recruiter or the hiring manager you were scheduled to meet with.

Why do you administer clinical assessments for some positions?

The heart of our company is the care we bring to our medically fragile patients. Put simply, clinical excellence is one of our core values. That’s why we would like to learn more about our applicants’ abilities and their knowledge of how to provide compassionate care to patients in a home setting.

Must I complete the clinical assessment(s) before my application can be considered?

Yes, our Clinical team dedicates one-on-one time to review these assessments throughout the interview, onboarding, hiring, and training processes.

I have completed my assessment(s). Will I be able to view/access the results?

Absolutely! An Aveanna Clinical team member will review the assessment results with you.

How can I receive a copy of my offer letter?

After you sign your offer letter, there is an option to download. You may also contact your recruiter or local branch office.

What documents are required documents for onboarding?

Aveanna’s onboarding requirements may vary by service line, position, or even location. You can always contact your recruiter or local branch office with questions.

Who do I contact to reschedule my orientation/training?

You can reach out to your recruiter, local branch operator, or Clara, our A.I. Recruiting Assistant.

Will I be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19?

As an employer accepting Medicare and Medicaid funds, employees must comply with all health-related requirements in all relevant jurisdictions, including required vaccinations and testing, subject to exemptions for medical or religious reasons as appropriate.

What if I want to change my tax elections after I am hired?

You will be able to update personal information, including tax and payment elections, in Workday post-hire.

What benefits does Aveanna Healthcare offer its employees?

Aveanna offers eligible employees a comprehensive benefits package that includes medical, dental, and vision insurance, a 401(k) retirement plan with company match, paid time-off, and tuition discounts and reimbursement. Please confirm eligibility and plan details with your recruiter.

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